The Right Time To Buy

What time is the right time to buy a home?

The headlines of today are all about the doom and gloom, the negative and we just cannot escape the B word can we! Brexit is on its way and we are being told to expect the worse especially when it comes to the property market. However, the team at Middleton Estates have found that Autumn/ Winter 2018 has been one of the busiest times for them since they opened their doors

Their advice on what to do in the current economic climate is to just keep moving!

When speaking with Middleton Estates Managing Director, Tom Middleton, he commented that in fact the business for all three of his Sussex branches is very good for the time of year. He agreed that, yes, there may be less houses on the market, but this has meant they are in great demand and can expect to achieve a high price.

Tom added that their current home buying clients are all serious about moving and every property they look at has the potential to be their potential new home. Therefore, viewing numbers may have gone down but actually the number of houses that are currently being sold has gone up.

Toms comments seem to be backed up by other property experts, like Myra Butterworth at the Daily Mail, who adds that actually – “The right time to buy is when it is right for you”. 

If you would like any advice on selling or buying a home today please contact your nearest branch of Middleton Estates where a member of Team Middleton will be more than happy to speak with you.

Full Daily Mail property article featuring Myra Butterworth available by following link –


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