Sussex Property Market Insights: Summer 2024


As summer arrives, the Sussex property market is heating up with exciting trends and opportunities for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants alike. Here’s what you need to know this month:

Market Trends

Sussex continues to be a sought-after location, with its blend of coastal charm, vibrant communities, and excellent transport links. Demand for both rental and purchase properties remains high, particularly in hotspots like Shoreham and Lancing.

Buying Tips

For those looking to buy, consider properties with potential for summer enjoyment—gardens, patios, and proximity to parks or beaches can add significant value. Attend local open houses to get a feel for the neighbourhood.

Selling Strategies

Sellers should capitalise on the summer season by enhancing kerb appeal. Simple touches like fresh flowers, a tidy lawn, and a clean entrance can make a big difference. Highlight outdoor spaces in your listings to attract buyers looking for their perfect summer retreat.

Rental Market

Landlords can take advantage of the busy summer rental market by ensuring properties are in top condition. Small upgrades, like modern appliances or fresh paint, can attract high-quality tenants. Consider flexible lease terms to appeal to summer renters or those new to the area.

Community Spotlight

Sussex offers a variety of summer activities and events, from outdoor festivals to coastal walks. Engage with the community and explore these events to get a deeper appreciation of what makes this area special.


Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, or letting, summer in Sussex presents a unique opportunity to make the most of the thriving property market. Stay informed and proactive to navigate this exciting season successfully.

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