Why Aren’t People Buying Your Home?

A recent survey revealed the obvious and the not so obvious reasons potential buyers are put off from buying your home.

‘The Goldilocks Effect’ – Too Hot or Too Cold

You do not want a potential buyer to think of your property as “the cold house or the hot house”.

If a potential buyer feels to hot or too cold when they visit your property it will affect their impression of it. To make them as comfortable as possible during their viewing try adjusting your thermostat to 21C before their viewing.


The most attractive smell to any potential buyer is that of fresh air.

Unpleasant odours are obviously a big turn off for any potential buyers to your home and the source of them should be found and dealt with. However lighting scented candles or spraying air freshener can also create an unpleasant smell for any potential buyer.

Make sure your property is well aired before any viewings.


Make sure you provide an image of your property that is clean and welcoming, you cannot clean enough when you are preparing .

When viewing a property potential buyers will try and envisage themselves living in it and most, unfortunately, cannot look past any dirt to see what a property could look like.


Clutter makes rooms feel smaller, especially if your potential buyer is having to walkover or around the clutter.

Make sure you declutter your property before you bring it to the market.

Clingy Sellers

Do not loiter during a viewing, this is much more likely to scare your potential buyer away then gain an offer.

Potential buyers need to have the time and space to visualise themselves living in your property and they wont be able to have this if you are there reminding them of the way you live in it.

Your Estate Agent

The estate agent you choose needs to have the skills to turn any purchase buyer in to an offer. Make sure you take time to select yours.

Rude and unhelpful estate agents don’t only annoy potential buyers, their manner may put them off from buying your property altogether. Make sure to choose an agent with good social skills that comes across as knowledgeable and approachable.

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