What can we expect from the rental market in 2017?

The uncertainty of what is to come for the rental market in 2017 is cause for concern for many landlords and buy-to-let investors, but the reality of what happens in the UK housing market can often surprise us and contradict what many people think is likely to happen. This recent article in Estate Agent Today gives an overview of last year’s rental market changes and predictions for 2017.

As highlighted in the article “Despite changes to stamp duty on second properties and landlords’ tax relief, for many people buy-to-let remains an attractive income investment with impressive returns still achievable, at a time of low saving rates and stock market volatility, and this is reflected by the latest buy-to-let lending figures, which returned to some form of normality during the fourth quarter of 2016.”

We are expecting to see a continued increase in tenant enquiries following the reality that more people are choosing to move out of Brighton and Hove with the aim of getting a bit more for their money, whilst still maintaining the commuter links that Shoreham has to offer. Shoreham already has a big commuter demographic which we believe will continue to grow further this year.
This increase in demand will continue to see rent prices climb, but should still sit below Brighton and Hove (historically a more expensive rental market). We have seen a “second wind” of investment buyers looking to spend their money to achieve a better return compared to some very low interest rates on offer with many Savings and ISAs products.

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