How To Market Your Home To It’s Full Potential

Six Top Tips To Market Your Home Successfully

When most people start to think about selling their property, the first thing they tend to do is grab tools and swiftly begin some panic DIY attempts to spruce up any imperfections that they think might put a potential buyer off purchasing their property.

Many sellers think that a property needs to be in perfect order for it to be saleable, however we have found that this isn’t always the case. A large proportion of buyers will be viewing a property and wondering how they can put their own stamp on it, quite often meaning that our painstaking decisions about what colour the bathroom or kitchen tiles should be, means very little when it come to viewings. People’s tastes differ and what one person considers beautiful another might think is less than attractive and will want to make changes.

With our extensive experience of the property market, we have compiled our six top tips to help you market your property to it’s full potential:

  1. Curb Appeal– All too often we forget about the exterior of the property, but remember that first impressions really do count. Make sure that the property looks fresh from the outside, simply washing the windows, tidying up the garden front and back (adding a few fresh flowers, even in the winter months) and clearing the pathways will help to ensure a positive impact on arrival.
  2. De-clutter– With modern lifestyles often being hectic , it’s all too easy to collect and clutter. Nothing will put buyers off more than having to try and work out what the space would be like with less “stuff.” This includes making sure your loft space and garage (if you have one) is organised and tidy. There are clever storage solutions available which can help to reduce clutter in the home, no matter how tight on space you are.
  3. Minor repairs– Fix any broken fixtures and fittings, put a coat of paint on tired looking walls and make sure all rooms are clean and dust free . Bear in mind that occasionally  buyers like to have a nosy in cupboards and wardrobes, so just make sure you don’t have anything hiding in them that you don’t want them to see.
  4. Lighting– Make sure you add some lighting to any particularly dark areas. A soft lamp light around the property can give a warm glow to any room, creating a more homely feel.
  5. Scents– Don’t overwhelm your prospective buyers with too many incense sticks, but one or two carefully placed soft scented candles, a well placed bunch of fresh flowers, freshly brewed coffee, a lit fireplace, or a fresh baked loaf of bread can help to create an inviting ambience.
  6. Warmth– In the Winter months it is especially important to invite potential buyers into a warm, cosy home. Keep the heating on just enough to warm the house, if you have a fireplace then leave it on (safely of course, don’t forget the fireguard). A cold home can really put people off a purchase so keep this in mind before every viewing.

These six top tips will really help you to market your home and appeal to potential buyers. Don’t let the colder months delay you from putting your property on the market, buyers will be searching now so don’t miss your opportunity by waiting until everyone else is competing for buyers too.

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