New to Renting – Everything you need to know as a tenant

I’m new to renting- what do I need to know?

Starting out as a new tenant can seem like a daunting prospect.

Trying to find the property you want, getting the relevant paperwork and references together, raising the funds needed for a deposit and arranging to move home, all of which can seem like a mountain to climb.

We understand that searching for the right rental property can be tough, especially if this is your first time so here are our  top tips to make things a little easier.

3 top tips for new tenants

  • It’s the details that count

When starting your search for the right rental property and letting agent, get a basic plan together of your details (including anyone you will be renting with).

Information such as full names, date of birth, proof of residency for past 3 years, proof of I.D,  National Insurance numbers, employment information, references, guarantor information (if required) should all be completed and ready to hand over on a piece of paper or via email directly to the letting agent.

  • What are you looking for?Formulate a clear idea about the type of property you want to find.Make sure you specify your minimum requirements for a property along with a budget that you are working with so that the agent can understand which rental properties will  best suit you.Consider location, number of bedrooms, if you need a garden, is parking essential or are you near enough to public transport for your daily commute (if applicable).
  • Ask relevant questionsBy asking important questions at the outset you can save a lot of time and money, as well as avoiding potentially stressful situations further along the line.Here are some key questions to ask your agent:
    • What fees and costs will be charged and when will payment for these be due?
    • Are they accredited through any professional organisations? ie: ARLA, UKLA, NALS
    • How long is the tenancy for and what happens with renewals?
    • Do they offer a tenancy deposit scheme also know as TDS?

At Middleton Estates we promise to give you clear and fair advice to ensure that you are in safe hands with your new home. It’s in our interest as much as yours to help you understand the lettings process before entering into a tenancy contract.

We offer free no obligation advice and are happy to help over the phone or you are welcome to come into the office to speak to a member of our lettings team. Take a look at our online lettings portfolio to see what we currently have available.

Get in touch  on 01273 454878, email or come in for a coffee and discuss your requirements.

We look forward to meeting you!

Jamie Howell, Lettings Manager

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